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Installation Warranty

Metforce Pty Ltd warrants to its immediate customers that our range of fittings, including latches and spring hinges, Glass and Tubes will meet the Metforce specifications as well as the relevant Australian standards and that all our installations will meet BCA and AS codes.

Metforce warranty on all its stainless steel Fittings and Tubes shall extend for a period of 10 years after the date of installation.

Metforce warranty on its labour and installation shall extend for a period of 5 years after the date of installation.

Metforce warranty on all its Glass shall extend for a period of 10 years under that building or property same ownership. In the case of Laminate glass, our warranty shall extend for a period equal to the manufacturer's warranty period which is usually 5 years, subject to certain conditions. The glass warranty does not cover most cases of glass breakage after installation unless it can be proved that the breakage occurred due to a fault in the glass.

In the case of a warranty claim, if Metforce elects to supply and install another product of the same or similar type, then the warranty will extend for the balance of the original period.

Metforce does not accept any other costs associated such as incidental, special or consequential damages of such failure.

Metforce makes no express or implied representation of any kind regarding our products being fit for your purpose.

Metforce accepts no responsibility for glass breakage from improper handling or usage, failure due to chemicals, failure due to grinding or fabrication splatter and contamination or improper handling.

This Warranty does not cover tea-staining, as tea-staining usually occurs due to factors outside of our control. See the technical notes on how to treat tea-staining.

Using products with Satin or brushed surfaces outside may have a high probability of tea-staining, including wire rope.

In the event that our product fails to conform to the Metforce Specification, and if Metforce is notified in writing within the warranty period, then Metforce will, at its discretion, furnish the customer with a replacement product or refund the original purchase price of the product.

Metforce Warrants that all its products are produced and supplied in the grade of stainless steel as sold, invoiced and certified.

In the event that the customer insists on independent inspection or laboratory analysis and it is proved that the product is to specification, then such testing cost will be for the customer's account.

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